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Splenda is a global brand of sugar substitutes and reduced-calorie food products. While they are known for their original formulation containing sucralose, they also manufacture items using natural sweeteners such as stevia and monk fruit. It is owned by the American company Heartland Food Products Group.

Katherine shares her opinion on Influenster, "Splenda is the worst artificial sweetener on the market. It tastes so fake and has a horrible aftertaste."


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Carina Kruse says

"You do not even deserve 1 star - never have i ever experienced such a bad service. Lies about the order, products you do not even have in stock but sell it and charge the money eventhough you can not send it. Lies about getting the money back and i am still waiting for my money. I even recommended my friend to order at your page, and she i facing the same problem. No products and you charged the money. This has been going on for 1,5 month !!!!"

michael hadley says

"I will never buy another product from you because I always pay for the 224 day shipping and it never gets there in that time frame so I will be going somewhere else"

Michael Nolan says

"Sent me 4 cases of melted protein bars. Know one has attempted to contact me back"

Mo Fahad says

"This is a Fraud. Do not buy from anything from this website. I ordered my supplements about and never recieved my shipping info or anything. I emailed them mutiple times and they don't respond back at all. My order number is 180826 and I will make sure that the police are involved."

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